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DR Congo government resigns: Official

Sapa-AFP and Times LIVE | 2012-03-06 15:00:10.0

The government of the Democratic Republic of Congo headed by Prime Minister Adolphe Muzito has resigned more than three months after legislative elections, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

Muzito "presented the resignation of his government" to President Joseph Kabila, said the outgoing government's spokesman Lambert Mende, adding: "We are at the end of this legislature so the president must have his hands free to create a new government."

The DRC held elections on November 28, marred by violence and protests, with Kabila winning 49 percent of the vote. His coalition of several parties holds at least 260 of the 500 seats in parliament.

The legitimacy of the results of the 2011 elections have been questioned by the European Union and the United States as well as by the DRC's citizens, some of whom took place in post-election protests.

Kabila's rival in the election Etienne Tshisekedi came in second place but called the results "rubbish". He then declared himself the winner and tried to hold his own presidential swearing-in ceremony.


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