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Man hunts down, kills crocodile with spear after it ate his pregnant wife

Sapa-dpa | 2015-01-09 08:48:04.0
A Crocodile. File photo
Image by: Bruce Gorton

A fisherman hunted down and killed a giant crocodile after it ate his wife, who was two months pregnant, wildlife officials said.

Mubalak Batambuze, 56, had been searching for the crocodile since it killed Dementilia Nabwire on the shores of Lake Kyogain eastern Uganda in November.

Batambuze found the reptile, which was said to be 7.5 metres in length, about a kilometre from where his wife was attacked, and killed it with a spear.

"I sent my people there, and they found human bones and clothes in the crocodile's stomach," Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) official Peter Ogwang told dpa.

"We believe this was the same animal that killed the woman."

About 30 Ugandans are killed by crocodiles each year, according to the UWA.

Attacks are on the increase because overfishing by humans is reducing the reptiles' food sources.


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