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Top 100 Companies Awards 2013

Sunday Times | 01 November, 2013 11:56
Mike Brown, Michael Jordaan, Cyril Ramaphosa and Anton Pillay - Photographer: Louise McAuliffe

Top 100 performing companies as per Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Sunday Times in association with Johnnie Walker celebrated the Top 100 Companies, who have delivered the best return on investment at a glittering event in the company of South Africa's most successful business men and women.

Video features the presentation of awards and acceptance speeches by the applauded winners at the event:

Lifetime Achievement winner Cryil Ramaphosa's full acceptance speech can be viewed here:

Comedian and Master of Ceremonies Alan Committie for the evening entertained one and all with his skit on rewriting school text books, using 50 Shades as his inspiration - not for sensitive viewers:


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