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Fri May 26 22:41:33 SAST 2017

Man battling terminal cancer struggles for timeshare reprieve

Wendy Knowler | 2017-05-18 15:22:49.0

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Even when a long-time “timeshare” owner is diagnosed with incurable cancer‚ it can be a battle to escape their “lifetime” contracts.

When a Cape Town man was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer last year‚ his wife approached the two holiday clubs they had points with‚ requesting cancellation and supplying detailed medical reports.

One club sent sympathies and immediately released the couple from the contract.

But the other refused.

“They have asked for affidavits‚ proof of my mom’s personal financial status‚ six months’ bank statements and details of various accounts such as DSTV and cellphone‚” the daughter told The Times.

“We spoke to a manager‚ who was rude and wouldn’t budge‚ and we had no luck with his superiors either.

“They have refused to release my parents from the contract‚ unless they pay the membership fees for 2017 (R10‚500) and 2018 (R11‚800).

“But despite paying‚ they won’t be allowed to use their points/property at all during this period!”

The company later relented and agreed to cancel the contract without further payment.

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