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'Mistakes don't define you': Watch Steve Harvey speak on Miss Universe mix-up

Times LIVE | 2016-01-21 10:29:18.0
Steve Harvey's talk show has been a hit in the US

After an embarrassing moment in which TV presenter Steve Harvey crowned the wrong Miss Universe, the author has dedicated an episode of his daytime show to discussing the mix-up and to offer a motivational message.

Harvey addressed the controversial Miss Universe drama on his show and invited Miss Columbia and Philippines to speak about what happened. Harvey also had an inspirational message to share about what he had taken from the public humiliation that had ensued from the debacle.

“Whenever something has happened in my life, every time I was elevated to a new position, something seemingly tragic happens along the way. Not so much tragic, but let’s just say challenging. And people have so often times asked me, ‘How do you keep looking at the positive? Why do you think there is some upside to this? Weren’t you embarrassed? Didn’t you feel humiliation?’ Ok, I guess so. I guess there were moments of all of that.’

Steve speaks about overcoming embarrassment

"But I wasn’t raised to allow a mistake to determine my future or to erase all that I’ve done in my life [just] because you’ve made a mistake. And none of you should do that. None of you should allow a mistake to define the rest of your life. So what [if] you made a mistake? Get up and go again. Go again!”


Miss Columbia speaks to Steve Harvey on his show.

“My father taught me to be a man. My mother, though, taught me an equal if not more valuable lesson. She was a Sunday school teacher. She taught me about faith. So listen to me: Don’t let anybody shake your faith. Because it was the only thing that got me through all of this!”


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