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Africa style set to shine even brighter in Hollywood

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Two talented actresses with African roots are featured on the coveted Vanity Fair magazine’s Hollywood issue‚ which tips the stars set to enjoy fame and fortune through the year.

“There’s no looking the other way when she’s on-screen‚” is the tribute paid to actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw‚ born to South African doctor Patrick Mbatha and English nurse Ann Raw.

Kenyan stunner Lupita Nyong’o is a true star‚ according to the much-respected American magazine‚ which praises her “incandescence” and raves that she has “established her place in a new constellation about to form”.

“Only three feature-length movies she has and yet possess us she does‚ as Yoda might say‚” Vanity Fair says of Nyong’o.

The actress tweeted her appreciation‚ with this succinct comment: “In the company of Wonder-Women. Thank you”.


The two actresses appear on the Vanity Fair’s 2016 Hollywood Portfolio cover alongside an all-female cast of leading ladies including Viola Davis‚ Diane Keaton‚ Jane Fonda‚ Helen Mirren and Cate Blanchett.

Mbatha-Raw‚ who recently starred in Concussion with Will Smith‚ was brought up in the UK. She made her first trip to South Africa in December 2013 when she visited the township from which she takes her name‚ Guguletu‚ in Cape Town‚ and hung out at Mzoli’s. She also travelled to Johannesburg‚ Pretoria‚ Durban and Mozambique. Her South African relatives welcomed her “with proud‚ open arms”‚ she told the Sunday Times.

Vanity Fair notes: “Gugu” is short for “Gugulethu”‚ which is Zulu for “Our Pride”‚ and if‚ as some Jungian analysts believe‚ destiny and identity are kernelled in one’s name‚ well‚ here you go—what more proof is needed? Pride defines the aura of her performances‚ an observant bearing that occupies its own quiet place”.

Mbatha-Raw and Nyong’o are featured in 8th and 9th places respectively‚ out of the 13 actresses selected by the magazine.

Top billing goes to Jennifer Lawrence‚ poetically described as having a “champagne tickle beneath her oval surface” and ability to portray every emotion in a “fresh and untinted” way.


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