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EFF venture into music, releases #ZuptaMustFall track

Times LIVE | 2016-03-17 17:20:31.0
The art work for the #ZuptaMustFall single
Image by: Screenshot via Youtube

The EFF have showcased one of their talents by releasing a house single titled #ZuptaMustFall - the catchy jam hit the airwaves today.

The EFF explained the track is about Zuma and his alleged corrupt relationship with the Guptas.

" (His)corrupt relationship has compromised democracy and its institutions. Is uses EFF's protest in Parliament during the state of the nation address where the CIC Julius Malema used the acronym "Zupta" to speak about Zuma and Gupta combined to fall. It aims to raise awareness, critique and mobilize all people to speak in one voice in the demand that #ZuptaMustFall," the party said.


Listen to the track below.


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