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Fri May 26 01:57:01 SAST 2017

Go to an art gallery - Thishiwe hits back at saucy nude haters

Chrizelda Kekana | 2017-02-17 12:13:25.0
Mandisa and Thishiwe are not impressed by followers reporting their art.
Image by: Via Twitter

Rhythm City actress Thishiwe Ziqubu questioned people's art appreciation after her nude pictures were reported on Instagram as pornographic material.

The actress posted a picture on social media where she posed with Mandisa Nduna wearing nothing but  her underwear.

Shortly after the picture was shared someone reported it as pornography on Instagram, which led to it being removed.

Thishiwe and Mandisa were not impressed by the move and called the picture art. The duo hit back at haters with a spicy clapback.

"So apparently some of y'all had problems with the beautiful, tasteful, nude art we posted on Insta. And some of y'all felt it is right to report and say that that was some pornographic material. So we feel that y'all need to read a book, watch some films, and go to an art gallery," Mandisa said.

Preach sister!

Watch the full response here:

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