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Wed May 24 23:36:52 SAST 2017

Hulisani Ravele: It was crushing when every radio station I applied to rejected me

TshisaLIVE | 2017-04-20 12:17:30.0
Hulisani Ravele was rejected from radio.
Image by: Instagram

It is hard to believe now, but popular TV personality Hulisani Ravele had to overcome a mountain of rejection in order to finally achieve her dream of being a radio star.

The former YoTV presenter, who currently hosts a radio show on Capricorn FM in Limpopo, told her fans that she always wanted to be a radio star but was constantly rejected when she tried to reach for her dream.

"I have loved radio for the longest time. I took my time to learn, observe, start from the bottom and work my way up," she wrote on Instagram.

She said that she was crushed when, despite her best efforts, every demo she sent was rejected without even a letter or email of acknowledgement.

That was when she decided to focus on her TV work and leave her dream in the hands of a higher power.

"I told God: 'Listen homie, I am leaving this radio thing in Your hands. I am no longer submitting to anyone, calling anyone, mailing anyone, I'm done. When it's ready to find me, when You are ready to allow it to find me, you know where I am''' she added.

Two years later she got the call she had been waiting for from Capricorn FM.

She said that she was amazed at how everything fell into place at the right time.

"I said to God: 'Ja no, You're something hey. You knew I couldn't make this happen until a lot of things were out of my way. I see exactly how You lined this up and prepared me for it physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually."


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