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Sat May 27 23:17:07 SAST 2017

Somizi 'impresses' Twitter with his Penny Penny tendencies

TshisaLIVE | 2017-04-20 09:47:46.0
Twitter dubbed Somizi the "private school" version of Penny Penny.
Image by: Via Somizi's Instagram

Somizi has made it no secret that he is a fan of reality TV star Penny Penny, but last night his fans connected a few dots that made some of Somizi's nuances look too familiar to the Tsonga disco musician.

Somizi's use of 'broken english' at some point in the show had Twitter asking if the choreographer was taking a page out of Penny Penny's book.

Combined with his usual flamboyance and extravagant style, his fans agreed that there might be a "relation" between the two reality TV stars. Fans were impressed with the 30-minute show, which they felt needed to be longer based on the entertainment value.

Twitter reacted to the "private school" version of Penny Penny:


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