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Beyonce and Jay-Z to trademark Blue Ivy's name

Times LIVE | 2012-02-10 10:53:15.0

Superstar power couple Beyonce and Jay-Z are making an attempt to trademark the name of their month-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, it has been reported.

The Daily Mail, citing MTV as a source, writes that the couple have filed an application at the US Patent and Trademark Office. This, they say, is in order "to protect Blue Ivy's name against others using it".

The application, which was filed by Beyonce's company BGK Trademark Holdings, is currently pending but will likely be approved because, says the Washington Post, "parents are legally authorised to trademark the names of their minor children".

One designer, Joseph Mbeh, tried to trademark the name 'Blue Ivy Carter NYC' just four days after the musicians' daughter was born, and another unnamed applicant tried to trademark 'Blue Ivy Carter Glory IV' on January 20.

The Post writes: "The trademark office has already denied both filings, saying the name belonged to a 'very famous infant' and consumers would falsely assume that the products were approved by the celebrity parents."

Regarding Beyonce and Jay-Z's application, MTV quotes family law attorney Vikki Ziegler as saying it "forestalls competitors from using the child's name and or third parties from attempting to sell the baby's name back to the couple.

"They are likely trying to protect what they rightfully own or created, shall we say, by trademarking Blue Ivy's name."

Blue Ivy was born on January 7 amid much fanfare, media attention and controversy. Soon after, Jay-Z released the song Glory, which features the infant's crying and cooing. The song charted on Billboard, making Blue Ivy the youngest person ever to appear on a Billboard chart.

Legendary singer Stevie Wonder had done something similar for his 1977 hit Isn't She Lovely? which featured his own newborn daughter Aisha's cries and coos. But there are two reasons Blue Ivy set the record and Aisha didn't: firstly, Blue Ivy received a credit on the song as 'B.I.C.' and secondly, Glory was released less than 48 hours after Blue Ivy was born, while Isn't She Lovely? only entered the charts two years after Aisha's birth.

The infant is already following in her record-breaking parents' footsteps, it seems.


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