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Christian Bale dated Drew Barrymore

Bang Showbiz | 2012-05-31 09:56:22.0

Christian Bale once went out with Drew Barrymore.

The Dark Knight Rises actor once had a very short-lived romance with the Charlie's Angels actress, as they only ever went out on one date.

He told the Australian edition of GQ magazine: "We went to see some bloody awful horror film, and that was the end of it. She never called again."

Bale, 38, subsequently married Sibi Blazic in 2000 while Drew, 37, is engaged to be married to Will Kopelman, and also rumoured to be pregnant. 

Although Bale is famed for having on set rants at cast members, he's previously said his wife doesn't put up with any of his complaining. 

He has previously said: "I have a very strong wife. She's incredibly strong and feisty, she does not take any nonsense, and I love it!

"My attitude does change at home, depending on which character I'm playing, but Sibi likes that. 

"She thinks it's quite cool. You can look at it in two ways. You can think, 'That poor woman, forced to put up with that.' Or, 'What an incredibly lucky woman, who gets to be with different guys all the time.'"


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