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Clive Davis doesn't blame Bobby Brown for Whitney Houston's death

Bangs Showbiz | 2013-02-28 11:16:26.0
Clive Davis

Clive Davis doesn't blame Bobby Brown for Whitney Houston's drug problems but believes they were bad for each other.

The music mogul - who managed the I Will Always Love You singer after discovering her when she was just 20 - believes her former husband Bobby Brown, 44, was not responsible for her problems with drugs before her accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub in February 2012, which was caused by heart disease and cocaine use.

The 80-year-old executive told "I don't believe it was Bobby Brown. I think they did have a co-dependent, unhealthy relationship with each other. But I would never point to him. I have no idea who her enabler was."

Davis, who recently revealed he is bisexual, also dismissed speculation that Whitney, who was 48, once had a romantic relationship with her former assistant Robyn Crawford.

He said: "I really saw her in brief relationships with men. I do write about that she did have an interim relationship with Jermaine Jackson when he was separated. I know that she went out with Eddie Murphy for a while until she married Bobby Brown. I only knew of Robin as her assistant, someone she grew up with, since she was a teenager. I just knew the heterosexual side of Whitney."

Brown - who was jailed for 55-days and placed on four years of summary probation for his most recent drunk driving arrest in Los Angeles on Monday - was married to Houston for 14-years and they had one child together Bobbi Kristina Brown, 19.

Houston's mother Cissy Houston previously admitted she didn't think Houston's death was Brown's fault either.

Writing in her book Remembering Whitney, Cissy explained: "I think Bobby was Nippy's [Whitney] rebellion. Around him, she didn't have to be the perfect girl. Yet I don't blame Bobby for introducing her to drugs."

Cissy Houston tried numerous times to make Houston quit drugs and details one attempt in 2000 when Whitney refused to go to rehab.


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