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Actress Amanda du-Pont touched by young boxer's sad story

Times LIVE | 2016-01-13 09:27:04.0
Amanda du-Pont and Mika Lindemann.
Image by: Amanda via Instagram

TV presenter and actress Amanda Du-Pont shared an inspiring story with her fans after meeting a kid boxer.

Mika Lindemann has been training at the Sandton Fight Club on a regular basis.

The young boxer caught the eye of Du-Pont, who noticed him training vigorously. Intrigued by his resilience, Du-Pont approached him to find out why he had started boxing so young.

Lindemann then opened up to the actress, explaining that he had suffered a double loss after his father and grandfather both passed away in the space of six months.  

Du-Pont relayed his story on her Instagram page saying his spirit and dedication stirred her to find out more.

"This kid has lost his father and grandfather in the space of six months...Instead of giving up on life and feeling sorry for himself he is becoming a dedicated boxer and all round fitness this he has found healing.

"This is a lesson to us as adults. Don't let your pain destroy you, let it give you power to become stronger. God will only give you a burden you can handle."


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