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Jamie Foxx pulls man from burning car

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Jamie Foxx turned into a real life stuntman on Monday when he reportedly pulled a man from a burning car following a crash outside his house.

The 48-year-old actor is said to have turned into a real life stuntman when a vehicle crashed outside his home at around 8.30pm. 

According to TMZ.com, the car had skidded on a wet road, hit a ditch and flipped over. It then ended up just outside the front gate of Foxx’s house in Los Angeles’ Hidden Valley. 

The outlet reports Foxx told California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers that he had heard the accident occur, and dashed outside to see what had happened.

Upon seeing the burning wreck and realising the driver was still strapped into his seat, Foxx thought quickly and decided to unbuckle the man and drag him around 30 feet away from the scene for fear the car may explode. 

The actor had apparently called the emergency services before his heroics, and paramedics then arrived and transported the man to hospital, where he was treated for major injuries and burns. His condition now is as yet unknown.

Foxx, who is believed to be dating Katie Holmes, is thought to have been fine.

He is no stranger to doing his own stunts, and had to step in and film several scenes on a horse for Django Unchained after the stuntman fell off. 

Speaking about the stunts previously, Foxx said: “Check out the scene where I have to ride bareback - that was real.

“I'm from Texas and have my own horse, a female horse called Cheetah. I had to learn all the tricks and stunts."


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