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Fri Apr 28 19:56:51 SAST 2017

Kanye West hitches ride with paparazzi

Bang Showbiz | 2016-03-16 13:57:17.0
Kanye West
Image by: Bang Showbiz

Kanye West ditched Uber earlier this week in favour of riding with a paparazzi after his hired driver failed to turn up on time.

West, who is known for his run-ins with the snappers, agreed to let a paparazzo give him a lift to Santa Monica, Los Angeles, earlier this week after his mobile app hired vehicle left him stranded.

As he walked towards the pile of photographers lingering outside a fitness facility, the 38-year-old rapper clutched his phone as he looked around for the motor he'd rented.

He pondered, ''Where is this black sedan? before adding to the paps, ''Hang on one second. [I] Uber everywhere.'' The photographer filming the fashion designer immediately offered to give him a lift to ''wherever'' he needs to go.

West replied as a smile spread across his face: ''I don't need Uber anymore. I just have the paps take me where I want to go! I'll ride with you then. come on, let's go!''

West hopped in the front seat of the photographer's car before he politely asked the other paparazzo - who was sitting in the backseat - to stop filming him while he made a quick phone call. Meanwhile, it seems West isn't having the best luck with Uber recently as he almost missed Sacha Baron Cohen's private viewing party of his new movie Grimsby last week after his hired driver dropped him off at the wrong address.

Cohen,44, previously said of the hilarious blunder: ''Unfortunately, Kanye was brought around to the wrong address. His Uber dropped him off at the wrong address and he ended up sitting on the street for half an hour.''


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