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Mon Mar 30 18:14:48 SAST 2015

Game: Dead Rising 2

Julia Beffon | 27 September, 2010 23:350 Comments

Cinema has long been a preferred medium for societies to work through troublesome times. If you look at Hollywood's output since 1970, you'd swear the US won the Vietnam war - and the upsurge in vampire films is pop culture's attempt to deal with the Aids epidemic: blood can be deadly.



Video games might be the next medium to find a social conscience, if Dead Rising 2 is anything to go by.

The plot continues from where the original Dead Rising ended, though the zombie invasion has spread across the US. You play Chuck Greene, whose late wife was zombified and whose daughter, Katey, is infected. Chuck is a former motocross champion who participates in Terror is Reality, a game within the game (which makes up the online component), for money in Fortune City.

Terror is pretty simple: kill as many zombies as you can within a given time. Chuck needs the money to keep buying Zombrex - which prevents an infected person turning into a zombie - for Katey.

Of course, everything suddenly gets out of hand when the zombies break out of their zone. Chuck and Katey have to survive 72 hours before the army contains the outbreak and can rescue survivors.


Moral and ethical choices abound, which makes DR2 more interesting than most of its rivals. Saving others who are not infected boosts your score, but it slows you down - and the clock is always ticking.

It's not only about guns: your weapons are regular items that you combine into some ingenious offensive tools.


The graphics are not up to a second-generation title and the game mechanics can be fiddly.

SCORE: 8.5

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Game: Dead Rising 2

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