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VIRGO(Aug 23 - Sep 22)

What better way to start your favourite month than with a wad of cash? Where's it coming from, you ask? Who cares? This is not the time to go peering into gift horses' mouths. The fact is, you've been tested, and you've passed. Now the universe is sending in your prize. Then, when you've finished gloating, get back to work. There's plenty to be done. Those creative skills need expanding. Trust yourself.

LIBRA (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

The drama at work is bottoming out, leaving you more stable yet unsure whether this is still what you want. In which case, have a look at other options. But try to avoid making any major decisions for at least a month. Instead, investigate your investment strategy. It will need a revamp soon. And get some advice from someone sane. You're too impulsive on your own. It's ok to ask for help.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

You may not feel like responding with your usual chirpy smile at this moment. In fact, if the truth were known, most people are getting on your nerves. No need to fake the charm. Just say as little as possible to avoid offending even your oldest friends. Instead, watch yourself closely, and use this time to get to know yourself better. The blues will pass. But you'll still be here. And so will your life: ready to be lived.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

You've been hurtling about like a maniac and it's time to catch your breath. While you're actually standing still, hear this: go right now and pay your bills, get your car serviced, and organise your tax. There. That wasn't so bad, was it? And look how proud you are of yourself now. Oh, and if you have a spare moment, this is a great time to write. Publish, even. Your imagination is buzzing. It's time to make a start.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

That secretly romantic spirit has been reignited. And with that comes a new, more realistic approach to love. Remind yourself to share your pains as well as your successes. You may need someone to lean on after what promises to be a mildly hideous week at the office. Then again, the work conflicts could have something to do with you. It's time to change - or at least adapt. Show that you're willing.

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

The improvements at work are marked and the increase in both productivity and enthusiasm (yours) is leaving you with a great deal more hope for the future than you have a right to expect. After all, let's face it, you have been a tiny bit slack of late. But that's all over - and your good-luck train is on its way back home. Meanwhile, get to work. Remind yourself how important it is to be productive.

PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Time to check up on the details. Is your tax up to date? And the changes to your contracts - personal or otherwise? You need to know exactly where the files are kept - and what's written in the small print. Think about making some major alterations at home. The energy needs to change. Of course, you'd rather crawl through broken glass. Even so, the work would still be there when you'd finished. Just get started.

ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Do you really care so much about being "right"? What does it mean, anyway? Right for whom? It's not like you to get uppity about something you're daring to call a "principle". The only principles at stake are personal happiness, love and mutual respect. Get down off that high horse. You'll be much more comfortable on the ground. Besides, the fight was fun. Now it's time to forgive and move on.

TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)

Can you believe this? All of a sudden people are making decisions that affect you profoundly, without even asking you what you think? And right in front of you, too. Obviously, it's all too much. And to say that you're feeling somewhat unnerved is to understate the case completely. Be that as it may - there's no need to take any of this lying down. State your case. Make demands. Seize the day.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

We're talking creative ingenuity, romantic possibilities and practical fantasy. In short, there's nothing you can't manufacture out of thin air, with nothing more than a unique set of hands and a mind that's gone completely lateral. If a little irresponsible, perhaps. So, yes, watch the duties. Do your chores. And after that, how about a small invention? Mixed in with a fascinating new love affair. Your choice.

CANCER (June 21 - Jul 22)

It's time to pursue a new vision. This is your big moment. Aren't you relieved? After all, as you've been asking yourself, how much longer do you have to bow down to other people's brilliant ideas? You're a pioneer, aren't you? So pioneer. Demand the back-up. Charm your way into sponsorship. Get the help you need. Do it now. Remind yourself that you know precisely what you're doing. Be ready to accept help.

LEO (Jul 23 - Aug 22)

Never mind insipid romance. We're talking skin-tingling passion. Since it's not often that you allow this lunatic side of yourself to surface, you'd better give it full rein while it's out. Go somewhere wild. Do something bizarre. And, most of all, do it with your lover. There's magic here. There's no need for overkill to prove your point. If you can't afford the Taj Mahal yet, a box of choccies would do just as well.