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Die Antwoord massive in America due on Letterman and face of Wang

Sapa | 2012-02-06 08:33:48.0

Cape Town based "zef-rapper" group Die Antwoord will perform on the United States television talk show, the Late Show with David Letterman, on Monday night.

The programme will be shown on South African television in the coming weeks, Die Burger newspaper reported on Monday.

The band will share the show with former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar. It will be the group's first appearance on the programme.

The group will introduce its new CD Ten$ion on the show.

Die Antwoord: I Fink U Freeky

"It's difficult to say why Americans like us so much," the band's lead singer, Ninja, said.

One of the things that made American audiences so different from local audiences, he said, was that they did not understand Afrikaans swear words. He would say what he wanted on the Letterman show and the viewers wouldn't understand, Ninja said.

According to Die Burger, Die Antwoord fever was running high in the US with Ninja and fellow band member Yo-Landi Vi$$er the faces of fashion designer Alexander Wang's new range. Huge billboards of the two had been erected in New York.


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