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Album review: Nelly Furtado – ‘The Spirit Indestructible’

Razia van der Schuur | 2012-10-24 11:44:20.0

When you hear the name Nelly Furtado, do you light up like a Christmas tree, get up and start scratching your eyeballs, or put on your mediocre face and cross your arms with bored suspense to what’s coming next?

Let me tell you, when I heard about her newly released album, The Spirit Indestructible, I was somewhere between the lit up Christmas tree and the non-responsive straight lined face because yes, Furtado has always given us great music, but the thought of her voice on repeat through the duration of the entire album was somewhat of a ‘hmm, I don’t know….’

Then the flashback of me singing along to most of her songs won over, and so I took the album, popped it into the player on my way home and waited.

The verdict: I loved it! loved it, loved it, loved it.

The Canadian singer, songwriter, record producer had carefully and tastefully blended together what seems like different genres of music into one album, performed by, for the most part, just her. Very audacious I must say.

The album comes packed with a bit of Furtado’s signature music, some reggae pop (I kid you not. I almost thought I’ve mistakenly switched to a UB40 song), and an African mix, featuring the Kenyan Boys Choir.

As it turns out, she wrote most of the lyrics herself and served as the executive producer for the album – so if you would also agree that it’s a good blend, then that would make her very skilled too.

Furtado has said: “nostalgia is a major theme of the album and it revisits her past in a "fresh and colorful way". She included that she also wrote the songs in "intense personal growth" and they have "incredible meaning" to her.

She got me singing out loud, bobbing my head, winding down the window to share the music with others on the road, and sometimes just relaxing and enjoying the sounds. It was good – enough for me to play it on the way to work, then on repeat on the way home from work, and then on the way to work again.

The songs just got better and better every time.

I can honestly say, the only negative thing about the album, was that it ended too quickly.

The amount of songs are not enough because even though playing on repeat was ok, how long can I do it for right?

But, I mean even then, how much more can I expect? It’s an album, not an mp3 CD. Im spoiled, I know. I like more options on an album.

Even her voice on repeat was tolerable.

If you like Nelly Furtado, you will love The Spirit Indestructible.

If you don’t like her, and her album landed in your hands because your best friend thought they really know you, and decided to get you her album for Christmas, thank them. She will change your perception of her.

Rating: 9/10

UPDATE: Oh wait, so there's more....

Turns out there's a second disc in the album sleeve. *hands on head*. I so did not see that! So there IS more music, although the second CD is not as great as the first one. In fact, it seems like just an added extra. Now, after the second CD, I feel like Furtado's voice is too much, like I originally thought.

My new rating: 7/10


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