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It's the end of the world top 20 playlist

Times LIVE | 2012-12-21 10:45:11.0
An image of the earth taken from space. File picture
Image by: NASA / REUTERS

Here is the playlist we have compiled as background music to watch the world burn this doomsday,

1. Europe: The Final Countdown
Originally used as the countdown to the New Year, this is now our countdown to the end of the world. Enough said.

2. Eric Idle: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
... because we kind of have to, we have no choice.

3. REM: The End of the World as We Know It
And I feel fine. Because, you know, basically it is.

4. Muse: Apocalypse Please
Thank you very much.

5. Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire
And it burns, burns, burns in the ring of fire.

6. Blue Oyster Cult: (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
If you fear he is coming for you, greet him with a smile. It'll confuse him.

7. Cranberries: Zombie

8. Pitbull: Give Me Everything
This is for all of you who are of the view that if it is the end of the world, you may as well just have sex.

9. Tom Lehrer: We Will All Go Together When We Go
Because it is always better to hold hands and stick together. Unless those hands are otherwise occupied, see above.

10. Al Green: The End is Near
Well, the end of is here, but it is still a cool song.

11. The Spaniels: Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight
Well, it is time to go.

12. Whiskytown: Ten Seconds Till The End Of The World
In light of our recent trends what better way to send off the world than with a drink everyone loves, hipster glasses and a '90s band nobody has heard of.

13. St. Vincent: The Apocalypse Song
It is filled with cosmic concerns, cutesy cosmic concerns. It doesn't really care if the world is ending, just so long as you bat your eyelashes right.

14: Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising
This is pretty self-explanatory - it is bound to take your life.

15: Smashing Pumpkins: Doomsday Clock
Tick tock.

16. Adele: Skyfall
Yes, its coming down, baby.

17. Def Leopard: Armageddon it
Yeah, but are you gettin' it? - Armageddon it!

18. Team Awesome: I’m a Distraction
Okay, it is the Kryptonian apocalypse but hey, look over there!

19. Elvis Costello: Waiting for the End of the World
Because all good things come to those who wait?

20. Randy Newman: Political Science
For those with less patience than Elvis - drop the big one now.


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