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Album review: Fistaz Mixwell - 'Mixwell Addictiv'

Lebohang Nthongoa | 2013-01-28 12:42:59.0

I'm no expert on house music, but there is something I find appealing about Fistaz Mixwell's latest album.

Hade Mabebeza is the highlight of this album, having garnered a lot of attention through out the festive season, and deservedly so.

Love Will Save the Day by Cei Bei  is the opening track on the album, a nice song to start the compilation with. I love the tempo, and the soulful delivery of the vocals. A little too long for my taste though.

I'm Free by Dj Hloni featuring Mellow Soul is a good continuation from track one. The vocals are a little flat, but on the whole the song makes for pleasant listening.

Re-Loaded and Kabomo's Imagine feels a little old, almost like a recycled tune, I'm not a fan of the song because it sounds like not much creative imagination went into producing this track.

The saxophone on Brazo Wa Afrika's Clear Skies was a pleasant surprise, and totally makes the song!

Magic Soul features Sol Peane on Secrets Of My Heart. I love the jazzy feel of the instruments. I can definitely see how the age group well beyond the 40s can also find this song appealing.

Paso Doble Ft Amera Light's My World  does nothing for me. I guess it works as part of this whole compilation, but it does not stand alone as a great song.

Fistaz presents Vaalsow on Hade Mabebeza, by far the best song about this compilation. I love the township language used in the vocals.

Hush, Take It Easy by Soul Cool & Fistaz Mixwell featuring Smash Mellow sets an expectation when the song starts, but does not quite deliver as the song progresses. A little typical for my liking.

Desire by Sugar House ft Marieke Meijer is a great song, I love the vocals on this song. They are cheeky and in your face, very attention-grabbing. The point of this song doesn't feel like it's the instruments but the vocals and lyrics. The song feels like it had the lyrics first and the music written for them.

Penetrate is one of my least favourite. This track is monotonous and says/does nothing for me. I couldn't get through half the song. Disappointing Fistaz and Morisky!

Apocolyptic Love by Soundcheck featuring Kholi is the kind of song that would work for house music experts, although something about it is catchy, I have a hard time catching on to the essence of the song, I just don't get it! I think I need to listen to it more for it to grow on me.

G.O.O.D Life by Re-loaded and Fistaz Mixwell featuring Shireen makes my non-dancing self want to get up and shake something, even if it's only a finger! No seriously, this is the kind of house that is true to itself as well as being commercially relevant. I like it, I like it a lot!

I love the sweet, anthemy and catchy tune of Papa Pada by Risalsounds. I'm actually surprised I have not heard more of this song on the radio. It deserves a lot more attention than it has gotten.

The only thing I wish was different about this album is that I wish there was more of Fistaz on it. It's slightly overpowered by other people's presence for my liking.

Rating: 7/10


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