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Skrillex, dancing away to dubstep

Aarti. J. Narsee | 2013-03-05 08:59:41.0
Crowds gathered for the Skrillex Mothership Tour on Saturday evening at Wild Waters in Boksburg.

Thousands of people dressed for a hot summer’s day including myself danced through the day and into the night almost non-stop when Skrillex, one of the top electronic musician and songwriter in the world, made his appearance on Saturday, at the H20 Wild Waters venue in Boksburg.

As part of his international Mothership tour, the three time Grammy Award winner, whose real name is Sonny Moore, performed in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

His name was everywhere on printed t- shirts, and scrawled in marker pen across the bodies of his fans. Some girls had even emulated his hairstyle and shaved off one side of their hair.

The crowd began dancing at midday to Electro Dance Music (EDM) from local DJs such as DJ Fresh, Roger Goode and Euphonik as well as international DJ 12 Planet, as they waited for the headliner.

But the crowd's excitement could no longer be contained when the LA-born artist was introduced with a countdown screen, explosions of smoke and blue and purple laser lights across the venue.

The crowd screamed wildly when he played his first song Right In and were kept entranced as they jumped and danced to dubstep beats by an ever changing laser show and animation on huge screens behind the DJ.

One of my favourites was the screen animation with robots, which reminded me of a Transformers movie.

Skrillex played several of his hit songs, like Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, Bangarang, Breaking a Sweat, Wild for the Night then took an innovative turn with some funky mixing of dubstep into popular songs like PSY’s Gangam Style.

Not only did I get to enjoy different styles of EDM, but I also got to witness the talent of one of the best dubstep beat mixers in the world. While dancing to Skrillex live was absolutely electric for the nine hours I was there, my legs took the whole of Sunday to recover.

But aside from aching feet, I would definitely do it all again.


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