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Album Review: Basement Jaxx - 'Junto'

S'duduzo Dludla | 2015-03-18 12:47:22.0

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Welcome to dance house as we know it. 'Junto' is the 7th instalment from British duo Basement Jaxx.

The album consists of two discs, simply labelled Disc 1 and Disc 2.

Disc 1 offers a variety of sounds, from deep base to high packed electro. So whether you are merely setting the mood for a house party or revving up for a club turn up, Junto will take you there.

For a bass lover such as myself, tracks like Power To The People, Unicorn, We Are Not Alone, Never Say Never and Rock This Road  immediately jump, bump and cease my attention.

But there are also more sensual sounds for those with a well-tuned ear like Something About You. What's The News is great for the air karaoke enthusiasts and Love Is At Your Side for those heart stringing lyrics for the romantics.

Junto is by no means a romantic album, but delivers the ideal scene if you love dance and club house.

Basement Jaxx have moved away from the darker sounds that came with Zephyr. This album is a whole lot lighter and easier on the ear.

What is a Basement Jaxx album without remixes?

Disc 2 ushers in the high tempo beats and chest beating baselines with tunes like Galactical and remixes from Boris Brejcha and Gorgon City.

It is more samba than club music, but make no mistake, these remixes will get your dance senses into good times mode just as easily.

Tracks to look out for include Mermaid Of Salinas, Back 2 The Wild and that current club banger Never Say Never.

Before you crank your car volume to max, make sure your windows and speakers are reinforced because Junto Makes Boom Boom.

Rating: 3/5


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