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Album Review: Tony DeSare - 'Chemistry'

Xanderleigh Dookey | 2015-06-22 10:57:40.0

From the singer that recently performed to two sold out concerts in Washington DC and has three top ten billboard jazz albums under his belt, comes another melodic album that speaks of love, being happy and dancing in the street. 

Influenced by music legends such as Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra, Tony DeSare combines fresh jazzy sounds with old school to bring a beautiful and robust sound on this album titled Chemistry.  

Fans of Michael Buble will enjoy DeSare’s voice, especially on All of me. The third song on the CD titled Kiss will make you fall in love with DeSare’s rich voice.

His version of this song originally sung by Prince has jazzy beats that compliment his voice beautifully. A feel good song that will put a smile on any girls face.

DeSare’s version of Pharell Williams Happy merged with Bobby McFerrin’s classic Happy (Don’t worry be happy) is the best thing about this album.

The song brings an instant smile to your face. The combination of Happy and Don’t worry be happy is cleverly covered with a doo wop twist and the absence of instruments makes the harmonies pop.


The album though, is very long and could have ended after Happy.

Four bonus tracks are included at the end of the album, the best of which is New Orleans Tango. The New Orleans flavour abides in this song and I have to say I repeated the song twice before moving to the next track - it is that good. DeSare’s voice is crisp and his talent on the piano is evident in this song.

Overall, it’s an excellent album. It is playful and fun yet sophisticated and sensual at the same time.



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