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Islamic fundamentalists stabbed my dad to death: iLIVE

Trisha Ahmed, the daughter of slain atheist blogger and Bengali writer Avijit Roy is urging everyone to share his story in this letter that first appeared on Facebook, and was then republished at the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

Tshwane's rules and ethics committee a kangaroo court, says DA: iLIVE

When one studies law, the very first thing that one learns is that there are rules of natural justice. The first rule that is taught is "audi alteram partem" which is a Latin phrase that means "listen to the other side", or "let the other side be heard as well".

Racist students assaulted me at University of Stellenbosch: iLIVE

In the early hours of Saturday morning, I was assaulted and knocked out cold by fellow students following my intervention in a racially-charged incident at a fast-food outlet in Stellenbosch.

DNA database no threat to civil rights: iLIVE

Mary de Haas' letter "Protect your DNA from cops" which appeared in The Times today (23/2/2015) refers.

Why take decades to determine inappropriateness of school names: iLIVE

Dear Lord in Heaven – does it take decades to determine that a school’s name is inappropriate?

SONA parliamentary poltricking us down road to nowhere: iLIVE

Playing politics or poltricks? What happened to robust engagement.

If EFF has questions, they should be allowed to ask: iLIVE

If the government was doing a great job, things like this wouldn't even occur in parliament.

Thug to Thug - Gayton McKenzie's harsh open letter to Julius Malema: iLIVE

Julius Malema, our Conmander in Thief, you haven’t held back in expressing your disdain for me. So allow me to respond. Pull up a chair.

J'Something is right, race should be irrelevant: iLIVE

In reference to 'Sometimes I’m ashamed of being white,' says Mi Casa's J Something: iLIVE, I feel the same as J'Something.

Unemployment, poverty, xenophobia - Triple threat behind spaza shop lootings: iLIVE

I was shocked for a moment when I heard about the lootings in Kagiso, but then when I watched the news and heard it had spread to Soweto I started to wonder "What happened to resolve the xenophobic attacks the last time?

Johann Rupert, well done for not being PC about unions: iLIVE

It is refreshing to have business come out and speak truth instead of remaining quiet and “PC”.

Simba Mhere was an inspiration to all South Africans: iLIVE

My husband and I are 71 year old white pensioners who loved and admired Simba Mhere.

Greed is the problem behind textbook shortages, while pupils suffer: iLIVE

It is unforgivable that children have to suffer the idiocy of adults who simply want to make money out of textbook purveying.