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Dishonest reporting and cherry picking won't stop climate change: iLIVE

This article is extremely poorly researched and presented in a sensationalist manner. News media should report news items responsibly.

Hunting isn't conservation, it is 'killing for revenue': iLIVE

The World Bank has allocated $700,000 bolster trophy hunting of elephants and lions in Mozambique as a way to preserve wildlife.
Sudanese President al-Bashir waves to his supporters at the airport in the capital Khartoum

UKZN school of law slams decision to allow al-Bashir to escape justice: iLIVE

This statement was issued by the School of Law on the failure by the South African Government to arrest President Omar Al-Bashir, President of Sudan for crimes against humanity.

Lessons from a Buffalo: iLIVE

Chief Executive Officer of iSimangaliso Wetaland Park, Andrew Zaloumis, reflects on an encounter with a buffalo late last month that left him and his wife Tracey seriously injured.

Dear Danny, if you have nothing to hide why are you hiding?: iLIVE

The DA's Athol Trollip has written a second open letter to Danny Jordaan over the alleged $10 million bribe paid to Fifa officials for the 2010 World Cup.

Rhino horn trade debate will fuel poaching: iLIVE

By working on a proposal to CITES to legalise trade in rhino horn, South Africa could actually be fuelling rhino poaching.

I am seriously aggrieved by Nkandla extravagance: iLIVE

As a taxpayer of this country, I feel seriously aggrieved by the waste of money by the government with regards to Nkandla.

Open Letter from President Jacob Zuma to Mia Couto: iLIVE

President Jacob Zuma has written this letter to the Mozambican poet and writer Mia Couto, following the recent attacks on foreigners that shamed South Africa.

How many more have to die before we talk about why: iLIVE

South Africa is in the grip of yet another xenophobic spasm. From photographs and TV footage it appears these brutal acts of violence against foreigners have been carried out exclusively by black South Africans.

Poverty, betrayed hope don't justify barbaric attacks: iLIVE

The rhetorics of poverty and betrayed hope cannot be used as justification for ongoing barbaric onslaught that permeates this society of ours.

Calling socio-economic challenges xenophobic is shortsighted: iLIVE

Let us face the truth. The South African truth is that the social, political and economic elite in the country would like to engineer the country in their own image.

Breaking stones of the past doesn't lay foundations for the future: iLIVE

How is it possible that after 21 years of democracy, the youth of today (some of them at least) have turned back the clock?