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Petrol pastor must face criminal prosecution: iLIVE

Why is this Pastor allowed to continue with this madness, without being criminally prosecuted.

If Leon Schuster can make money off black face characters, what's the big deal: iLIVE

I live in New Zealand and we suffer the same political correctness here, the world has gone mad!

When the believer dies, he is delivered out of trouble, says SCOAN: iLIVE

With our heart-felt condolences, we at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations reach out to the Government and people of the Republic of South Africa, most especially to the families, friends and loved ones of the departed souls who lost their lives in the tragic incident on Friday September 12, 2014.

'Re tlo thiba ka dibono' misinterpreted

I have always heard some dumb and outlandish utterances come out of Luthuli House only to be defended by blaming the linguistic context.

Is the Gautrain oversubscribed or not: iLIVE

Debate around the usefuless and efficiency about the Gautrain rages on. Below are two contrasting views on the usefulness of the Gautrain in the province.

SA actors deserve to be rewarded for intellectual capital: iLIVE

My friend and business journalist Mr Bruce Whitfield got it wrong on his article about the culture of entitlement by Generations actors.

Schooling Malala - 'Sentenced to poverty by parents': iLIVE

I am very disappointed by Justice Malala as I have been considering him and his stature to utter such through the article.

Open letter from the Generations Actors Guild to our audience and fans: iLIVE

The principle cast of TV soap opera Generations has written a letter explaining why they have walked off the set and gone on strike.

Work harder to be doctors instead of burning campus when you fail: iLIVE

Anything one says on this issue will more likely than not be construed as being racist, even if it is devoid of any ethnic or cultural slur.

Not every child maintenance defaulter is defaulting deliberately: iLIVE

I become more and more frustrated every time I see this topic because it's been pushed by Rob Davies and the DA.

How I was infected with HIV: iLIVE

Cindy Pivacic has written a book, The Deadly Seducer, describing how she was infected with HIV and how she has dealt with it.

Smugly solar the best way to face soaring power prices: iLIVE

Amid rising petrol prices and threats of interest rate hikes, there’s one ballooning cost that solar energy users don’t need to worry about: increasing electricity prices.

DA advert scares the ANC: iLIVE

Readers have their say on the banned DA advert, which criticises the Zuma administration.

Copper theft decreases in November

The cost of copper theft decreased to R13 million in November from R13.2m in October, according to the SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry's (Sacci) Copper Theft Barometer.