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National anthem, flag plan a complete waste of money: iLIVE

The planned R34 million programme to distribute flags to school and teach pupils the national anthem is such a complete waste of money, the very money that is supposed to be supporting us, the matriculants.

Township trends in South Africa's property market: iLIVE

South Africa as a country has seen tremendous growth in the 20 years of democracy, which has had a profound impact on the property market.

Is it a sin to feed your dog?: iLIVE

I'm black and this ad not only offend blacks by using a black child, as "the dog"; it also offend those white dog owners rich or not, by using a white lady as the "heartless madam" who thinks only of her dog.

'Human misery' taking precedence over the law can be exploited: iLIVE

Snug in my sheepskin slippers under a fluffy knee-blanket, I began this newsletter acutely aware of the situation of the people I am writing about.

Explain your inept cabinet, Mr Zuma: iLIVE

Please can Zuma explain to the masses that he continues to abuse how he justifies appointing inept mates to cabinet.

Where were relatives when East Rand man abused family: iLIVE

I am in shock after having read the article about the East Rand man holding his family hostage.

We all have porn shop neighbours, why shouldn't Parliament: iLIVE

Although I am opposed to porn shops on every level, I think it is a great idea to allow the opening of that shop in front of Parliament.

Anti-gun lobbyists shouldn't use California killer to advance agenda: iLIVE

The recent 'attack' in California has again raised the ire of anti-gun groups and politicians acculturated to exploit each instance of a maniac's actions.

Dictating where doctors work not unlike a Dom Pass: iLIVE

This "certificate of need" can be likened to a Dom Pass. It is controlling the movement of citizens, and where they may work and the right to work. It amounts to sub-human treatment of people.

The hazards of planes: iLIVE

I have recently begun to fly a lot more often. It’s a necessary part of my job and it means I have had excessive time to acquaint myself with most of South Africa’s airports.

ANC committed to gender equality: iLIVE

Re: ANC is still a boys only club

Mining companies reward themselves while workers suffer: iLIVE

It has been four months since the protracted strike in the platinum mines of North West at Marikana.

DA labels Gareth van Onselen embittered former party hack: iLIVE

In his article on the departure of Lindiwe Mazibuko, Gareth van Onselen asks why somebody would rather go back to university than lead the opposition in Parliament.

Taegrin suspect 'cleared'

The family of the man who appeared in an identification parade related to the death of Taegrin Morris, who was dragged alongside a car for kilometres after a hijacking, says he has been cleared.

Juju: Cops see red

Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters wreaked havoc in the Johannesburg city centre yesterday when they stormed the Gauteng legislature, demanding that their representatives be allowed back into the house.