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Petrol pastor must face criminal prosecution: iLIVE

Why is this Pastor allowed to continue with this madness, without being criminally prosecuted.

If Leon Schuster can make money off black face characters, what's the big deal: iLIVE

I live in New Zealand and we suffer the same political correctness here, the world has gone mad!
Search continues for survivors of collapsed church in Lagos

When the believer dies, he is delivered out of trouble, says SCOAN: iLIVE

With our heart-felt condolences, we at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations reach out to the Government and people of the Republic of South Africa, most especially to the families, friends and loved ones of the departed souls who lost their lives in the tragic incident on Friday September 12, 2014.

How I was infected with HIV: iLIVE

Cindy Pivacic has written a book, The Deadly Seducer, describing how she was infected with HIV and how she has dealt with it.

Smugly solar the best way to face soaring power prices: iLIVE

Amid rising petrol prices and threats of interest rate hikes, there’s one ballooning cost that solar energy users don’t need to worry about: increasing electricity prices.

Artists must win the hearts and minds of South African audiences: iLIVE

Yes it is true; to lead an artistic life is a huge challenge in South Africa. The foremost challenge is probably the admission to one’s self that one is an artist.

National anthem, flag plan a complete waste of money: iLIVE

The planned R34 million programme to distribute flags to school and teach pupils the national anthem is such a complete waste of money, the very money that is supposed to be supporting us, the matriculants.

Township trends in South Africa's property market: iLIVE

South Africa as a country has seen tremendous growth in the 20 years of democracy, which has had a profound impact on the property market.

Is it a sin to feed your dog?: iLIVE

I'm black and this ad not only offend blacks by using a black child, as "the dog"; it also offend those white dog owners rich or not, by using a white lady as the "heartless madam" who thinks only of her dog.

Readers respond to Modise's cannibal pig farm: iLIVE

National Council of Provinces chairperson, Thandi Modise's farm in North West was raided by the SPCA, who found the animals either dead or starving, with her pigs resorting to cannibalism. Here is how our readers responded.

Tshwane Metro and the amazing vanishing Fenyane: iLIVE

Tshwane Metro has never stopped amazing us, they have abandoned crucial projects e.g electric and sanitation, and are currently busy relocating people from squatter camp to squatter camp.

Malema's red overalls degrade Parliament: iLIVE

I am a South African who cares for everything South African.

Bring back our girl, an open letter to Mudzi wa Vhurereli Ha Venda: iLIVE

The event that came to pass last week in Venda has left me with no option, but to address the embarrassing Attention Seeking Disorder (ASD) gifting decision by a Venda lobby group.
Members of Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party demonstrate outside Parliament in Cape Town

Truth about Marikana must be known: iLIVE

TimesLIVE readers respond to the EFF's parliamentary walkout.