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Africa must unite to take back riches: iLIVE

Tembisile Magkatho, Tembisa | 2012-01-17 00:36:42.0

The oil protests in Nigeria should be welcomed by all since they remind us of the fact that Africans are poor while the African continent is probably the richest in terms of natural resources.

The protests help us ask the hard question: How we can get out of this situation?

As a country we must support such protests because it is our dream that African riches benefit Africans.

Why should African countries like Nigeria or Sudan have large quantities of oil, and yet still have poor people?

It is the same question we have to ask about South Africa. We have gold and platinum in this country, yet the people who benefit from this are not necessarily South Africans, but US and European governments that may not even have natural resources in abundance.

At our expense they get rich, and we allow them. It is time African countries started supporting each other for the benefit of Africans themselves.

The Americans and Europeans have exploited us enough, and they continue to do so in the 21st century.


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