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How to stop our freefall: iLIVE

Grace M | 2012-08-28 00:14:56.0
Empty promises have cost the ANC and trade unions the trust of many of their constituents, some of whom, such as the Marikana strikers, have turned their frustration into violence Picture: ALON SKUY

Every now and again, someone writes an article that should be compulsory reading for all South Africans. Justice Malala's commentary yesterday ("As the poor lose hope, anarchy looms larger is such a piece. It is a wake-up call not only to the ANC, but also to every South African.

Every day, the rule of law is being eroded - and it is being eroded by the average citizen.

It is the driver who jumps the traffic lights, who overtakes on a blind rise or a solid white line, who exceeds the speed limit and then bribes a traffic officer.

It is the officer who accepts the bribe, it is the jaywalker with attitude, it is the person who lies on his tax form.

The list is endless and we see it daily.

Reinforcing this lawlessness is the lack of any negative consequence for individuals who break the law. This reinforces a lack of accountability and responsibility.

Somehow we need to change the mindset of Mr Joe Public from "I break the law because I can get away with it" to "I'm not breaking the law because I am a responsible citizen and it is wrong".

Marikana might be the tip of the anarchy iceberg, but we can all have a positive impact on reducing the size of the iceberg.

Just look critically in the mirror, then change your mindset. - Andy Harrison, by e-mail

  • EVEN though Justice Malala finished with the right choices facing the general population at the voting station, he was way off the mark at the beginning.

His belief that, after almost 20 years of mismanagement and self-enrichment, we still owe the ANC a debt of gratitude, is totally misplaced.

Nobody can justify a vote as a "thank you" to this government - especially after such a long time.

How does he think the first generation of "born frees" feel when all they have seen of the ANC is definitely nothing for which to be grateful?

The ANC cadres, in their greed for personal enrichment, have totally failed in serving the populace. - Ralf Bittkau, Olivedale

  • TO preach that tomorrow will be better than today, as Justice Malala suggests, is to do as the ANC has done.

Time after time, the ANC has made promises it has not been able to fulfil.

It has promised houses, jobs and economic freedom - promises that are unrealistic and have no hope of being realised.

With each disappointment, people have become more disenchanted and more resentful.

Instead of making empty promises, the ANC should be motivating people to realise their own dreams rather than relying on others to make things happen.

Inspiring unemployed locals to clean up their squatter camps would be a good start.

While the cost would be zero, it would instil a huge measure of pride in all who live there.

Sitting around and waiting for other people to improve our lives is not on. To make ourselves happy, we have to take the first step.

The alternative is being let down again and again.


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