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Tue Feb 09 01:13:59 SAST 2016

Help 'Thembi' to great heights: iLIVE

Fathima Hoosen, by e-mail | 02 November, 2012 00:06
Our news is full of stories of young girls being raped, or children who have seen their parents murdered. Yet even stories that begin that grimly can have a happy ending.

Not many things bring tears to my eyes, but "Girl's journey from horror to triumph" (Jonathan Jansen's column, yesterday) did.

It is with urgency I say every effort should be made to ensure "Thembi" is given what she rightfully deserves - a further education.

Young people need to take a leaf out of her book and understand that hard work and resilience will empower them to be "bigger" than they ever dreamed possible.

Let's hope the system doesn't fail Thembi.


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