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DA: desperate alternative: iLIVE

Thabo Thwala, Bothaville | 2012-11-15 00:39:52.0
Democratic Aliance
Nosimo Balindlela, centre, with DA top brass Athol Trollip, Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane. File photo.
Image by: Halden Krog / Halden Krog

Organisations like the DA can be desperate in trying to attract media attention.

The party knew that its new member, Nosimo Balindlela, was a member of COPE before she joined the DA, but it just had to mention the ANC in all of this.

Such desperation. It became even worse when Helen Zille made the ludicrous claim that Balindlela had failed as an MEC because of the ANC.

If that were the case, why did she leave COPE? Is that also because of the ANC?


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