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Wed Jul 23 22:22:26 SAST 2014

SA has been sucked into an illusion of influence: iLIVE

Vernon Wagner, Cape Town | 27 November, 2012 00:07
A sealed ballot box

Everybody and his brother tells us it is our civic duty to make our "voices" heard at the ballot box, but as soon as election results are in, we are willed into taking vows of silence for the next five years.

The people who are elected are free to do whatever they please at the electorate's expense.

It has been said "voting is the illusion of influence in exchange for the loss of freedom". In 2014, South Africans will vote in the hope that this time "the people shall govern".

We just need to get the right people into power.


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Wed Jul 23 22:22:26 SAST 2014 ::