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Fri Oct 31 14:20:12 SAST 2014

Better to sell the horns than let our rhino die: iLIVE

Seresha, by e-mail | 30 November, 2012 00:40
A man shows off a piece of rhino horn in Hanoi.
Image by: AFP PHOTO

I believe the trade of rhino horn in South Africa should be legalised.

Since rhino horn is made from the exact same material (keratin) as our nails, it can be cut off at a certain age without harming the rhino, and sold.

It should be sold for an amount much less than the current selling price of rhino horn.

I am shocked at the rate at which these creatures are being killed - a rhino is killed every 14 hours.

The money earned from the sale of the rhino horn should be used to protect the rhino , and should be used as rewards for guards who catch poachers. This will increase the incentive for guards to catch the poachers.

Through the legalisation of rhino horn, combined with a decrease in the price of rhino horn, I believe we can reduce, if not eradicate, poaching.

We must save our rhino before it is too late.


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