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Pupil assessments problematic: iLive

Lisa, by e-mai | 2012-12-06 00:46:53.0
Self-made text books at Thanya Pre and Primary School in Boitekong, Rustenburg, North West, a community based school founded by Nyabela Pelle with the purpose of eradicating illetracy in amongst the poor community. Pic: Lebohang Mashiloane. 16/07/2007. © The Times

HAS anybody questioned how the school national assessments were conducted?

When I asked at my son's school, I was told it was a government matter. It is totally unacceptable that the children were assessed on scenarios that were not addressed in the curriculum.

Also, the children were not prepared for the assessment.

My son, to use him as an example, received marks of 16/30 and 12/20, though he usually scores around 80% in his subjects.

The motto of the Department of Basic Education is "every child is a national asset".

The minister is desecrating our future national assets. -l


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