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I, too, will vote for anyone but JZ: iLive

Mpototi Zwane, Malvern | 2012-12-11 00:01:23.0
(President Jacob Zuma cuttting His Birthday cakes with His Wives, From LEFT: Bongi Ngema - Zuma, MaNtuli Zuma, Tobeka Madiba - Zuma and MaKhumalo Zuma as He Celebrates His Birthday). President Jacob Zuma celebrates His 70th birthday at ICC in Durban. South Africa. 13/04/2012

I HAVE to speak out about our president who is profligate when the rest of us are urged to be frugal.

My vote is like hard-earned cash and I am going to shop around with it. If President Jacob Zuma is re-elected next week, I, like Zachie Achmat, will vote and persuade others to vote for anyone else in 2014.

This has nothing to do with hatred. The ANC, having suffered assassinations and exile, should know that threats to dissenting individuals are doomed to fail.


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