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I would join a Vavi party: iLive

Sabata Kambule, by e-mail | 2012-12-18 00:00:51.0
Zwelinzima Vavi. File photo.

ZWELINZIMA Vavi is one of the most level-headed and sensible guys in the alliance ("Vavi a 'problem child': deputy minister", December 13). I just wish he had more of an influence on his "comrades".

A guilty conscience might be what makes Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana's comments so negative. Is the truth a bitter pill to swallow?

With the Education Departments' poor performances the minister would be well advised to put all his efforts into fixing the mess and refrain from casting stones at others.

I wouldn't mind joining Vavi if he decided to establish a party based on the song he is singing currently, which is "Away with corruption away".


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