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Hopes and dreams sink after Mangaung: iLive

VA Volker, Pietermaritzburg, Cliff Saunders, Northcliff, Gys Smit, Beacon Bay and Thabile Mange, by e-mail | 2012-12-21 00:00:58.0
Cyril Ramaphosa celebrates his election as party Deputy President at the National Conference of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) in Bloemfontein December 18, 2012.

Hopes and dreams sink after Mangaung

IT REMAINS to be seen whether Cyril Ramaphosa will succeed in positioning the government to take a more balanced non-racial approach in national policies, and whether the principle of skills and ability rather than political entitlement will get more prominence. - VA Volker, Pietermaritzburg

I WOULD like to register my concern that the top six remains a boys' club, with only two women serving.

Is the 50/50 principle applicable only in the government? Interestingly, this doesn't seem to bother the ANC Women's League.

The other concern is that the ruling party has failed to mix experience with youth. Five of the comrades elected to the top six are 60 or older.

With the world getting younger in terms of leadership, one expected the ANC to move with the times. And to heed the ANC Youth League's call for a generational mix. - Thabile Mange, by e-mail

DEAR ANC delegate: You have betrayed our land and placed the needs of your party above the needs of our country.

Your leader has stumbled from one inept crisis to the next, culminating in a brazen act of defiance and sheer callousness: Nkandla.

Your beloved ANC, steered by intellectuals with lofty ideals, fought for freedom and dignity. You have allowed this entity to degenerate into an immoral feeding frenzy of corruption and greed.

Your organisation has stolen money, careers, opportunity and even lives (hospital strikes and Marikana). And now you have stolen from the downtrodden the ultimate commodity - hope. - Gys Smit, Beacon Bay

THAT astute political commentator Julian Baggini has described as a "democratic fallacy" the view that the majority is always right. I dare say that what happened at Mangaung with the re-election of Zuma proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the majority are fools and the "good ship South Africa" will continue sinking. -


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