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JZ can't plead ignorance: iLIVE

iLIVE | 2013-01-29 01:01:38.0
ANC delagates have re-elected President Jacob Zuma as the ANC Presidend during the ANC 53rd national congress held in Mangaung. President Jacob Zuma singing after he delivered a short speach.

The Nkandla saga remains full of spin and smokescreens ("Nkandla whitewash", yesterday).

For instance, what will happen to all the security installations built with taxpayers' money when President Jacob Zuma is no longer president? Will they be dismantled? Or will they become part of his private property? And thus this private residence will be much more valuable because of public-funded "extras".

Without media exposure, would there not have been any controls and checks on this spending ? It is strange that Zuma himself never asked questions about the cost of all this construction.

Is this R206-million the final bill, or are there still upgrades in the pipeline? Who pays for all the upkeep of the entire private property?

The government has not answered the legal aspects. An annexure to the ministerial handbook limits the amount of public money that can be spent on security upgrades of a private house of a "public office bearer" to a maximum of R100000. - Theo Martinez, Johannesburg

EXCELLENT column by Justice Malala ("Whitewash just doesn't wash", yesterday). We, the taxpaying public, are no longer shocked by the huge amounts of money spent by this government on wasteful projects.

I blame President Jacob Zuma for the Nkandla scandal. He knew what was being built at his compound. If he didn't, his wives must have rung him to inform him that hundreds of men were digging up the garden. - Barbie Sandler, Claremont

THE government has lost all moral and ethical justification for the obscene spending on the private residence of the president. To make this a security issue is laughable.

If the president is now shielded from all responsibility under the guise of security and "key point", the stage is set for future uncontrolled and unwarranted waste of funds.

This national key point, the president, is fast becoming unaffordable for the country. What do we get in return? - ES, by e-mail

WHAT a relief that our government spent only R206-million on upgrading President Zuma's Nkandla homestead instead of the outrageous R248-million as initially reported. - Robert Nicolai, Howick


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