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Refined sugar a poison: iLIVE

Dr Howard Rybko | 2013-01-29 13:55:08.0
Cane sugar
Image by: unknown1861 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

I enjoyed reading Jackie May’s article 'Sugary sweet sell on health' and completely agree about dangers of sugar laden soft drinks.

If you have not see it yet, there is an important YouTube video dealing with the dangers of sugar by Dr Robert Lustig.

He is a professor of paediatric endocrinology at the University of California San Francisco.

It gets a bit technical in the middle but you can skip that and try to see the end from about 1:10.

The current Coca-Cola Company campaign against obesity is neither sincere nor effective.

Their spin claiming that a little extra exercise will mitigate against the harmful effects of the sugar in their beverages is more dishonest than disingenuous.

I was exercising six times a week, mixing gym sessions and 80 km bike rides and despite my above average exercise profile, I was still clinically overweight.

Prof Noakes recently discussed how our world champion rower, Oscar Chalupsky, was 16 kg overweight despite exercising for two hours every day of the week.

The culprit is refined sugar and more specifically the fructose in sugar, which Lustig and quite a few others before him have rightfully called a poison.


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