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Thu Apr 27 18:52:31 SAST 2017

Why no action on ANC farce? iLIVE

Dave Harris, Craighall Park | 2013-01-30 00:01:08.0
President Jacob Zuma's home in KwaNxamalala, Nkandla. File photo.
Image by: Foto24/Cornel van Heerden / Gallo Images

There was much hope placed on President Jacob Zuma's second term for him to start caring for his country and constituents and not just about himself.

The Nkandla report whitewash is a reflection of what we can expect for our future. When will we start doing to the ANC what we did to the apartheid government?

We can't continue to allow this farce. Why are the senior ANC executives allowing this to happen?


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