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We are surrounded by the solution to hunger: iLIVE

iLIVE | 2013-01-31 00:01:56.0
Education in the Eastern Cape
Queueing for food at a school in Eastern Cape Picture: SHELLEY CHRISTIANS
Image by: The Times / Shelley Christians / Gallo Images

Your report "Twelve million going to bed hungry in SA" yesterday was heartbreaking.

There is a solution to this: grow your own food.

There are wonderful organisations, such as Soil for Life, in Cape Town, teaching people in townships how to make use of land. We need to wake up and realise what true wealth is. It is not your bank account but how fertile your soil is: it's "black gold". The more fertile your soil, the more food you can grow.

It frustrates me to see so much open land not being used other than for lawns when so many people are starving.

Dig up your lawns, grow your own food, live locally and help out in your community.

We seriously need to re-evaluate our value systems. - Claudia Miceli, by e-mail

IT BROKE my heart to see the photograph in The Times yesterday of little children queuing for food.

How does President Jacob Zuma sleep at night knowing about all the millions of rands he spends on himself? - Carole Jay, by e-mail


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