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Sat Apr 29 11:26:36 SAST 2017

Patrice benefited from racist economic policy: iLIVE

Cliff Saunders, Northcliff | 2013-02-04 00:25:02.0
Patrice Motsepe after pledging some of his wealth towards philanthropy
Image by: Picture: JAMES OATWAY

Fifty years of being a journalist have made me very cynical at times because of the basic tendencies in human nature that cater primarily for the promotion of self-interest.

Patrice Motsepe "doling out billions" leaves me cold. He is a fatcat who beat others at boarding the gravy train occupied by beneficiaries of the racist policies of BEE .

He decided: "Fortune I have. I need more fame coupled with ego-boosting popularity."

What better way to achieve these goals than a high-profile announcement that he's become a philanthropist to improve the "lifestyles" of the disadvantaged? How noble.

If racist economic policies were wrong during the apartheid era, they can't be acceptable now.


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