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The future we want is fading away fast: iLIVE

Lou, Jeffreys Bay | 2013-02-05 00:09:32.0
The new Head of Health Siva Pillay in Bisho yesterday. Picture: THEO JEPTHA. 13/01/09. Daily Dispatch

Siva Pillay, superintendent-general of the Eastern Cape health department, identifies the single greatest problem in South Africa, namely corruption ("Fraudsters' paradise", yesterday).

Reasonable thinking appears to be less and less apparent in the people of South Africa.

Today, it is only a fool who thinks the ANC government-controlled public services are concerned about the wellbeing and welfare of the people of South Africa.

[The public servants'] only concern is for looting and grabbing as much and as often as possible from wherever possible.

The money being stolen from the coffers of South Africa is beyond belief.

Our hopes in Pravin Gordhan, Terence Nombembe and the likes have been dashed.

Each day the decay in the infrastructure and service delivery worsens.

Each day the figure for corruption and looting increases and the possibility of a better life for all becomes smaller and smaller.

What prevents the health and education systems improving?

What prevents the infrastructure - roads, houses, water, electricity and sanitation - improving?

The only reason for the services not improving is the lack of skill and will by those in positions of leadership and authority who do not have the ability to do their job but are very skilled at corruption.

The number of well-educated, rational, reasonable voters and leaders in this country is too small to bring about any significant change or hope for a better South Africa.

The future of South Africa can be captured in a quote by Alexander Graham Bell: "A mind that does not reason is comparatively useless."

Unless the corruption and looting can be stemmed now, unless the infrastructures can be improved now and unless the leaders can set examples of moral and honest behaviour now, the hope for the future of South Africa will slip further away.


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