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Sat Aug 23 07:33:06 SAST 2014

Slap the corrupt hard: iLIVE

Stephen Jeffries, Cape Town | 06 February, 2013 00:19

As is so depressingly the case, when a mega-fraud is uncovered, the perpetrators always appear to receive nothing more than a slap on the wrist ("Fraudsters' paradise", February 4). No wonder the carousel keeps going around.

The Eastern Cape health department's chief financial officer, Pumla Vazi, was found guilty of gross misconduct for no fewer than 12 counts of what I would describe as fraud and corrupt practices.

She transacted business with seven companies linked to relatives and was responsible for paying out in excess of R4-million.

Her punishment? She lost her job.

Who would not be quite happy to leave their job with R4-million in the bank?

When will the punishment fit the crime?


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Sat Aug 23 07:33:06 SAST 2014 ::