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Grief is grief, black or white: iLIVE

iLIVE | 2013-02-07 00:41:01.0
A 1985 photograph of the Westdene Dam in Johannesburg after a school bus plunged into its waters Picture: JUHAN KUUS

Zama Khumalo, what you posted on Facebook was disgusting and brought shame to you, your family and all black people in South Africa ("Facebook racist opens wounds", February 6).

I would put you in jail for a long time. Did you even think about the impact and the pain it would cause to the families who lost their loved ones in that accident?

Why did you do such a brainless thing? How can you celebrate the deaths of innocent schoolchildren?

In 1985, I was eight years old. It is the first time I have heard about this horrible, heartbreaking accident. I feel sorry for the parents who lost their children.

Put colour aside. Losing someone you love feels the same whether you are black or white. Do you even have a heart? If you have one you wouldn't write such devastating rubbish about other people. - Sbongile Dube, by e-mail

WE DO not need the likes of Zama Khumalo in this country. The only reason he apologised was because his life was being threatened. I hope he gets charged for his blatantly racist remarks and lands up in jail. I hope justice will prevail. - SJ Probert, by e-mail

IT IS a waste of time to give publicity to scum like Zama Khumalo.

Khumalo is part of a lunatic fringe which exists in both black and white society. Neither branch is acceptable. - Erwin Schwentzek, by e-mail

THE 24-year-old Khumalo should be educated in humanity and love.

Zama, go to your church and learn that all people are equal in the eyes of God, and learn to respect the deceased.

There is no place for people like you in our "rainbow nation". I am a proud, non-white South African. - Dollie, Mayfair West


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