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Tue Apr 25 00:46:33 SAST 2017

Outrage at Booysens' rape and murder needs to be translated into action: iLIVE

African National Congress Women’s League | 2013-02-07 12:42:13.0

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The African National Congress Women’s League find the outrage of South Africans over the extremely brutal rape and murder of 17-year-old Anene Booysens completely justified.

The Women’s League shares in our nations anguish. The sad fact of the matter is: this is not an isolated incident.

It is encouraging to see so many South Africans, men and women, young and old come out in anger and say enough is enough.

The ANCWL now call all stakeholders, government departments, NGO’s, media and civil society to action around this social scourge.

The ANCWL President, Angie Motshekga will meet with relevant stakeholders in Government and Civil society to begin a process of working together to tackle this issue.

We have many governmental structures in place to deal with gender related issues and the time for action is now. The ANC Women’s League will be engaging with the Department of Women, Children and people with disabilities as well as the Gender Commission in Parliament to hold an urgent summit.

The summit must include civil society and all stakeholders mentioned before to share experiences and find solutions.

We will also be calling for a National Commission of Enquiry into rape and gender based violence in order to develop a national strategy to eradicate rape from South African society.

The ANCWL remains committed to changing the way society deals with rape and uniting South Africans around this issue until the day we see positive change and an end to patriarchy.


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