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Ramphele must tread carefully: iLIVE

iLIVE | 2013-02-15 02:25:23.0
CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA: Dr. Mamphela Ramphele at the Book Lounge for the launch of her book, Conversations with My Sons and Daughters, on October 24, 2012, in Cape Town, South Africa.
Image by: Foto24 / Nasief Manie / Gallo Images

I am a big fan of Mamphela Ramphele, but for her to go it alone would be fatal. We already have far too many political parties.

I suggest she forms a new party and aligns it to one of the larger opposition parties in the same way the SACP aligned itself to the ANC. - Wilby, by e-mail

SHOULD Ramphele establish a political party, South Africa will be so much poorer for it.

The whiff of sanity in the country has been maintained by independent thinkers, unattached NGOs and the judiciary, not by political parties. As a political party leader or member, her thoughts might be packaged into the "political-capital" category, that is not aimed at improving or for the welfare of the country, but to promote her party agenda.

The more Rampheles in the independent-thinking sphere, the better.

Progressive countries are those that draw inspiration from their intellectuals, not those that destroy intellectual acumen with party-political biases and stereotyping. - Dr Kenosi Mosalakae, by e-mail


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