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First answer questions, then praise Ramphele: ILIVE

Lwazi Castro Nkolonzi, youth activist | 2013-02-18 00:26:03.0
Mamphela Ramphele. File photo.
Image by: Robert Tshabalala

What is all the hype about Dr Mamphela Ramphele and a new political party?

South Africa is a country filled with a rich history traced back for centuries and has been developing ever since - whether from a socio-economic aspect, political, cultural and so forth.

Since 1994, a lot of achievements have taken place in this country.

Of course, the sceptics will only point out the bad.

All these conditions have shaped our political conditions.

Recently I have witnessed how the media has been abuzz about the new political party to be formed by Ramphele to contest the elections next year, and thereby decrease the numbers for the ANC.

According to the media and some political analysts, she best represents what the country needs as an alternative to the ANC.

The media does not seem to understand that through the ANC, the grassroots have been uplifted from the conditions they faced before 1994, and that the ANC remains the vehicle for the betterment of the people.

If this new political party comes about, will the media start asking critical questions about a few issues?

As far as I can recall, Ramphele once led the University of Cape Town as its vice-chancellor. What did she do to address the issues of transformation at UCT?

What was her relationship with trade unions at UCT, especially with regard to the retrenchment of workers?

Until recently, Ramphele was the chairwoman of Gold Fields.

What role did she play in improving the standard of living for the mineworkers?

These questions should be answered before the media goes on about how this new party will bring about a breath of fresh air.


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