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Our leaders must face blame: iLIVE

Sue Johnston, Dainfern | 2013-02-18 00:26:03.0
Bredasdorp residents outside the court at which the two accused in the Anene Booysen murder case appeared

In Vaalbank last weekend there was a funeral for a youngster who died after being raped and mutilated. It was not in the news. Anene Booysen is the tip of the iceberg.

Is this scenario not directly attributable to our leaders? They remind me of strutting peacocks joined by sycophants keen to share in their self-aggrandisement. Their modus operandi is corruption driven by greed and self-enrichment, and a lack of empathy for others, particularly the poor. They abuse hard-working citizens via taxation to sustain the silk purse.

The criminality of taxi drivers, rapes and murders of innocent people, lack of facilities in health, education and policing, failing businesses, violent protests and so on are in stark contrast to the grand homes and status symbol cars of the chosen few, and the billions stolen to facilitate the lifestyles.

The leaders and pals have lost control . T hose with the majority vote, the main victims, will not assume responsibility - they are catatonic.


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