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Give education crisis 100%: iLIVE

Fred Calitz, by e-mail | 2013-02-19 00:14:48.0
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It is almost inconceivable that the chairman of Umalusi can be so misguided as to think just a small number of matrics passed with only the minimum 30% ("'30% for matric not norm'", February 13).

Anyone familiar with the bell shape of the frequency distributions of examination marks should be able to realise that the bulk of the marks are around 30% and 40%. In fact, it should not be too difficult to determine what the pass percentage would have been if the requirements were a sub-minimum of 35% in three subjects and 45% in three more.

I am sure it would have been no more than 50% of the candidates.

Let us then heed people like Jonathan Jansen and Mamphela Ramphele, admit that our education system is in crisis and seriously address the problems, rather than doing something only if it advances one's position and does not require undue exertion.


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