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Women can break the cycle of abuse: iLIVE

Helen Gilbert, by e-mail | 2013-02-19 00:14:47.0
Bredasdorp residents outside the court at which the two accused in the Anene Booysen murder case appeared

After hearing about the dramatic events that allegedly took place early on Valentine's Day, I sat back and thought about what shocked me most.

Was it the violence of the act, the tragedy of two lives ruined? What was it that hurt me most?

I realised it was my despair that an intelligent young womanhad been in a relationship with a man [despite police reports of previous incidents of "a domestic nature" at his home"].

Why did this young woman not feel strong enough to get out of that situation immediately?

We women are equal partners to our mates, not their servants or their stress relievers.

Are we just so happy to have a male at our side that we accept whatever comes from him?

Do we think we are second-class citizens and therefore must take whatever is dished out?

Do we pass on this thinking to our daughters?

I hope that young women, and older ones in similar situations, take a long, hard look at their lives and remove themselves and their children from relationships that are fraught with danger.


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